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Draft: SA Throughput and Downlink SISO Channel Modeling

Melissa requested to merge episys-throughput-updates-and-downlink-siso-cm into develop

This commit contains the following changes:

  • Bug fixes in the NRUE MAC layer for setting the scheduled SFN/slot of DL HARQs
  • Adding 'on_error' function, which will report if any push/pull fails in nFAPI
  • Setting several changes in the MAC layer to only be executed for our emulated_L1 mode
  • Sending UCI indications from the stub function only from the PUCCH
  • Not building UCI indications from the DLSCH
  • num_uci calculation bug fix in NRUE MAC layer
  • Filtering UL_TTI_REQs to lower the number of UL_TTI_REQs in the queue
  • Bug fixes in the use of push/pull array32s in P7 nFAPI
  • Implemented channel modeling for the downlink on the UE side. (i.e.: Added abstracted parameters in UCI_INDICATION.)
  • Trigger the ul_harq reporting from UL_TTI_REQ reception
  • MCS value update limit was adjusted on the gNB side, but should be updated in the future since we are not currently handling DTXs
Edited by Raphael Defosseux

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