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PHY procedures at UE for CSI-RS

Roberto Louro Magueta requested to merge develop-CSI into develop
  • Fix of CSI-RS scheduling at UE (the implementation already existed, but the PDU did not reach the PHY);
  • Fix FAPI CSI-RS PDU (there were fields in the OAI that do not exist in the standard);
  • Fix FAPI CSI-RS PDU procedures to work without the fields deleted;
  • Implementation of CSI-RS symbols extract at UE;
  • Implementation of LS channel estimation based on CSI-RS at UE;
  • Implementation of channel interpolation at UE;
  • Implementation of noise power estimation based on CSI-RS at UE;

The previous steps have been tested for OAI-gNB up to 4 antenna ports.

Edited by Roberto Louro Magueta

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