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OAI UE Security Mode Complete bug

Mikel Irazabal requested to merge ue_security_mode_complete_nea_bug into develop
+  // 3GPP TS 38.331 (RRC) version 15.3 
+  // Section Reception of the SecurityModeCommand by the UE 
+  // The UE needs to send the Security Mode Complete message. However, the message 
+  // needs to be sent without being ciphered. 
+  // However:
+  // 1- The Security Mode Command arrives to the UE with the cipher algo (e.g., nea2).
+  // 2- The UE is configured with the cipher algo.
+  // 3- The Security Mode Complete message is sent to the itti task queue.
+  // 4- The ITTI task, forwards the message ciphering (e.g., nea2) it. 
+  // 5- The gNB cannot understand the ciphered Security Mode Complete message.
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