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Handle reconfigurationWithSync

Implementation at UE of part of the procedures present in: TS 38.331 - Section Reconfiguration with sync

  • Implementation of resynchronization procedures for a gNB with a given Nid_cell
  • Configuration of PHY layer after receiving the reconfigurationWithSync
  • Enable T304 after receiving the reconfigurationWithSync
  • Re-trigger the RA by UE
  • Clean ULSCH at UE
  • Reset UL HARQ list
  • Reset uplink failure flags/counters/timers at MAC so gNB will resume again scheduling resources for UE
  • Fix gNB to get CFRA procedure succeeded in SA
  • Stop timer T304 when RA is succeeded

These procedures can be tested, using the following patch, to make gNB send an reconfigurationWithSync: Send_a_reconfigurationWithSync.patch

At UE, the following LOGs must be observed:

[NR_RRC]   Received the reconfigurationWithSync in nr_rrc_ue_process_masterCellGroup
[RRC]   Received mac_CellGroupConfig from gNB
[RRC]   UE RRC instance already contains mac CellGroupConfig which will be overwritten
[MAC]   Applying CellGroupConfig from gNodeB
[NR_MAC]   Received the reconfigurationWithSync in nr_rrc_mac_config_req_ue
[NR_MAC]   NR band duplex spacing is 0 KHz (nr_bandtable[37].band = 78)
[NR_MAC]   Computing frequency (pointA 640008 => 3600120 KHz (freq_min 3300000 KHz, NR band 78 N_OFFs 620000))
[NR_MAC]   NR band duplex spacing is 0 KHz (nr_bandtable[37].band = 78)
[NR_MAC]   Computing frequency (pointA 640008 => 3600120 KHz (freq_min 3300000 KHz, NR band 78 N_OFFs 620000))
[NR_MAC]   NR band duplex spacing is 0 KHz (nr_bandtable[37].band = 78)
[NR_MAC]   NR band 78, duplex mode TDD, duplex spacing = 0 KHz
[NR_MAC]   TDD has been properly configured
[NR_RRC]   T304: 2000
[HW]   Not supported to send Tx out of order (same in USRP) 206038239, 205918383
[NR_PHY]   Running Resynch for Nid_cell = 0 (mode 6)
[NR_MAC]   [UE0] Applying default macMainConfig
[MAC]   Configuring CRNTI a14d
[NR_RRC]   radio Bearer Configuration is present
[RLC]   /home/user/openairinterface5g/openair2/LAYER2/nr_rlc/nr_rlc_oai_api.c:773:add_rlc_srb: added srb 2 to UE with RNTI 0xa14d
[NR_RRC]   [UE 0], CONFIG_SRB2 2 corresponding to gNB_index 0
[NR_RRC]   [FRAME 00000][RRC_UE][MOD 00][][--- MAC_CONFIG_REQ  (SRB2 gNB 0) --->][MAC_UE][MOD 00][]
[NR_RRC]   [FRAME 00000][RRC_UE][MOD 00][][--- MAC_CONFIG_REQ (DRB lcid 4 gNB 0) --->][MAC_UE][MOD 00][]
[SDAP]   Default DRB for the created SDAP entity: 1 
[PDCP]   /home/user/openairinterface5g/openair2/LAYER2/nr_pdcp/nr_pdcp_oai_api.c:add_drb:1038: added DRB for UE RNTI a14d
[RLC]   /home/user/openairinterface5g/openair2/LAYER2/nr_rlc/nr_rlc_oai_api.c:855:add_drb_am: added drb 1 to UE with RNTI 0xa14d
[RLC]   /home/user/openairinterface5g/openair2/LAYER2/nr_rlc/nr_rlc_oai_api.c:add_drb:942: added DRB to UE with RNTI 0xa14d
[NR_RRC]   [UE 0] State = NR_RRC_CONNECTED (gNB 0)
[NR_RRC]   rrcReconfigurationComplete Encoded 10 bits (2 bytes)
[NR_RRC]   [FRAME 00000][ UE][MOD 00][RNTI a14d] Logical Channel UL-DCCH (SRB1), Generating RRCReconfigurationComplete (bytes 2, gNB_index 0)
[NAS]   [UE 0] Received NAS_CONN_ESTABLI_CNF: errCode 1, length 88
[CONFIG] nas.noS1: 3/3 parameters successfully set 
[OIP]   Interface oaitun_ue1 successfully configured, ip address, mask broadcast address
[NR_PHY]   VALID PSS Peak found at pos 524576, val = 46276442 (75 dB) avg 48 dB, ffo 0.000000
[NR_PHY]   [UE0] Resync: Estimated PSS position 524576, ssb_offset 524432, Nid2 0
[NR_PHY]   (Nid2 0, Nid1 0) tot_metric 53051 for phase_max 7
[NR_PHY]   ffo_pss 0.000000 (0 Hz), ffo_sss 0.000500 (14 Hz),  ffo_pss+ffo_sss 0.000500 (14 Hz)
[PHY]   [UE0] Initial sync: starting PBCH detection (rx_offset 0)
[PHY]   [UE0] Initial sync: pbch decoded sucessfully
[NR_PHY]   TDD Normal prefix: CellId 0 metric 53051, phase 7, pbch 0
[NR_PHY]   [UE0] In resynch, rx_offset 520016 samples
[PHY]   HW: Configuring channel 0 (rf_chain 0): setting tx_freq 3619200000 Hz, rx_freq 3619200000 Hz, tune_offset 0
[NR_PHY]   Got resynch for Nid_cell 0: hw_slot_offset 34, carrier off 0 Hz, rxgain 0.000000 (DL 3619200000 Hz, UL 3619200000 Hz)
[PHY]   Resynchronizing RX by 520016 samples (mode = 6)
[MAC]   Initialization of 2-step contention-free random access procedure
[PHY]   PRACH [UE 0] in frame.slot 343.19, placing PRACH in position 2828, msg1 frequency start 0 (k1 0), preamble_offset 15, first_nonzero_root_idx 0
[NR_MAC]   [UE 0][RAPROC] Got BI RAR subPDU 5 ms
[NR_MAC]   [UE 0][RAPROC][344.7] Found RAR with the intended RAPID 63
[MAC]   received TA command 31
[MAC]   [UE 0][344.17][RAPROC] RA procedure succeeded. CF-RA: RAR successfully received.
[NR_RRC]   T304 was stoped with value 1945
Edited by Roberto Louro Magueta

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