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chore(ci): updating simulators docker-compose files for CN5G release v1.5

Raphael Defosseux requested to merge ci-chore-updating-cn5g-v1.5 into develop

I've pulled the CN5G v1.5.0 images on obelix and bellatrix. But if I did not, the first run would pull them automatically and that's better for the normal users.

Also preparing move of some of our python executors to a Ubuntu22 server:

  • Support for docker-compose version 2.x
  • U22 issue on how to handle background tasks through subprocess: using pyshark live-capture

We also pulled the CN5G v1.5.0 images on porcepix and Dhanuja tested w/ AS-UE. So updating the EPC call to deploy this version when running NSA-trigger pipeline

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