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fix(ci): for old versions of iperf, server process shall be killed manually

Raphael Defosseux requested to merge ci-fix-iperf-zombie-process into develop


When I installed the new powered USB hub in the Faraday cage, I followed the next CI run. I had rebooted both phones and checked their power level. The next run got stuck again and I saw that on nano there was tens of zombie processes for iperf -s

on nano and the connected phones, the version is 2.0.5 and iperf -s -t 30 does not work (-t is a client-only option).

Dhanuja and I saw that iperf-2.0.10 was installed on the phones as well and I installed 2.0.10 on nano.

But when we tried, we saw that the server file was full of nan% making the IperfServerAnalyze method crash.

So we reverted to 2.0.5 and implemented this fix.

Note that we should discuss what is happening in BIDIR case --> currently there is no -t option for the server.

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