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Bugfix: to properly handle multiple NR_RLC_BearerConfig with the same logicalChannelIdentity, without having duplicate data in UE context

Angelo Athanassopoulos requested to merge asn1-mcg-fill-drbs-correctly into develop

Bugfix: do not add multiple NR_RLC_BearerConfig with the same logicalChannelIdentity to a UE after a NR_RRCReestablishment This commit fixes the ASN1 encoding failure after 15 NR_RRCReestablishments because it tried to encode rlc-BearerToAddModList with more than maxLC-ID (32) of RLC-BearerConfig. We were adding multiple times the RLC_BearerConfig for the same logicalChannelIdentity

  • Fill the right DRBs for Master Cell Group Config and drop the bearer_id_start, nb_bearers_to_setup
  • use asn_sequence_del() to delete the old rlc_BearerToAddModList

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