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Adding pathloss models as described in 3GPP TR 38.901 v16.1.0

Sreeshma Shiv requested to merge IISc_pathloss into develop
  • In RF Simulator, user can manually set the distance between the UE and gNB, as well as the path-loss. However, changes in distance do not cause any changes to the path-loss.
  • Implementing the path-loss models as proposed in 3GPP TR 38.901 V16.1.0 to make the increase in distance mimic real-life scenarios.
  • The user now has the option to select one of the 13 path-loss models as mentioned in the above document.
  • The user also has the option to change various parameters such as average building height, height of the UT, height of BS, average width of the street using telnet server.
  • The path-loss model can be applied both at the up-link and down-link individually.
  • The path-loss calculated by different path-loss models cannot be applied directly to the channel model, since there's no notion of rx gain at the UE. In order to make use of the complete functionality of these code changes, rx tx gain along with LNA should be implemented within OAI.

test commands:

gNB: sudo ./nr-softmodem --gNBs.[0].min_rxtxtime 6 --rfsim --sa -E --telnetsrv --rfsimulator.options chanmod -O ../../../targets/PROJECTS/GENERIC-NR-5GC/CONF/

UE: sudo ./nr-uesoftmodem --rfsimulator.serveraddr -r 106 --numerology 1 --band 78 -C 3619200000 --nokrnmod --rfsim --sa -E --ue-fo-compensation --telnetsrv --rfsimulator.options chanmod -O ../../../targets/PROJECTS/GENERIC-NR-5GC/CONF/ue_AWGN.conf

telnet commands:

  1. telnet 0 9090
  2. channelmod modify 1 pathloss_model RMa_LOS //to select the pathloss model
  3. rfsimu setdistance rfsimu_channel_ue0 100 //to set distance
  4. channelmod modify 1 hBS 125 //to set base station height as 125

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