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PSBCH RX,TX and SLSS SEARCH procedures

Raghavendra Dinavahi requested to merge NR_PSBCH_MERGE1 into develop
  • PSBCH RX/TX and SLSS search procedures according to 3GPP Specs 38.211, 38.212 Rel16
    • PSBCH simulator used to validate TX/RX phy processing and SLSS SEARCH functionality
      • to test the PSBCH TX and RX functionality - ./nr_psbchsim
      • option 'I' to trigger sidelink search ex ./nr_psbchsim -I
      • option 'T' to change timing in the SL-MIB ex ./nr_psbchsim -T 5 18 -I
      • option 's' to change the SLSS id
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