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CI: use iperf3, refactor Iperf_Module

Jaroslava Fiedlerova requested to merge ci-iperf-improvements-test into develop

Main improvements:

  • simplification of the CI iperf testing framework - rework and cleanup of the Iperf_Module function, remove redundant functions
  • introduce TCP target rate check - add TCP tests with rate check to SA-B200 and SA-AW2S pipelines
  • improve analysis of the iperf3 test reports (analysis from json reports, check receiver report for each test)
  • undeploy gNB/UE after each OTA test run - should reduce interference caused by UE which remained ON after the test


  • RAN-L2-Sim-Test-4G - lower tested UL bitrate?
  • recheck SABOX target TCP
    • E1+F1 testcase, we can set higher TCP target rates (UL: 8 -> 15 Mbps, DL: 20 -> 30 Mbps)
  • recheck AW2S target TCP
    • we can set higher TCP target rates (UL: 1 -> 2 Mbps/UE, DL: 4 -> 6 Mbps/UE)
  • RAN-RF-Sim-Test-4G --> Could not analyze from server log
    • FEMBMS does not work with iperf3 because of the control channel (TCP messages) during test init
    • log collection from the test - to be fixed
  • undeploy gNB/UE after each testcase
    • SA-AW2S-CN5G
    • LTE-TDD-2x2
  • --get-server-report for TCP and BIDIR testcases - could be skipped?
  • Possibility to use JSON reports from iperf3 for all test cases? --> not possible with UDP iperf3 version 3.9
    • iperf 3.9 (cJSON 1.7.13)
    • TCP - check sender/receiver "bits_per_second"
    • BIDIR - check sender/receiver UL/DL "bits_per_second"
    • UDP - receiver "bits_per_second" reports 0
  • Check iperf3 analysis function - correct checks done?
  • Iperf server ID usage
  • TCP bitrate check for B200 pipelines
  • RAN-L2-Sim-Test-4G --> Could not analyze from server log - log looks OK
  • RAN-SA-B200_Module-SABOX-Container --> add TCP with target rate check, so we will test UDP, TCP, BIDIR

Iperf3 test list:


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