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Neighbour Configuration - Measurement Configuration

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  • Neighbour and Measurement Configurations are prepared and processed.
  • neighbour_config.conf keeps the parameters and it can be included to gNB.conf files.
  • Neighbour Configuration | Measurement Configuration structures are defined. RRC structure keeps these configuration structs.
  • Measurement Configuration is prepared according to serving cell's Neighbour config & Measurement Configuration
  • Measurement Report Processing is extended in order to process A2 / A3 Events

Description of the configuration parameters:

        Neighbour List:
         - nr_cellid: the identity of existing cell who has neighbour
         - neighbour_cell_configuration(list): includes the identity parameters of the neighbour cell such:
            - gNBID (incase of N2 Handover / to be identified from AMF)
            - nr_cell_id (target gNB needs to consider)
            - physical_cellId (needed for measurement reporting)
            - absoluteFrequencySSB (needed for measurement reporting)
            - subcarrierSpacing (needed for measurement reporting)
            - plmn / tracking area code (incase of N2 Handover / needed for AMF to identify / allow HO)
        NR Measurement Configuration
         - Periodical
            - enable (default is 1, 0 disables the reporting)
            - includeBeamMeasurements, maxNrOfRS_IndexesToReport (configurable reporting parameters)
         - A2
            - enable (default is 1, 0 disables the reporting)
            - threshold , timeToTrigger (configurable reporting parameters)
         - A3
            - cell_id (the nr_cellid of neighbour cell. So this A3 parameters will be used for the neighbour
                - [-1] means default. so it can be applied to any neighbour if there is no specific config
                - Neighbour specific A3 Threshold can be used or default can be selected depending to the neighbour planning
                - The neighbour-config.conf specifies, apply default A3 for neighbours 3 and 4 | apply specific one for neighbour 2
            - offset, hysteresis, timeToTrigger (configurable reporting parameters)
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