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chore(ci): adding Flexric-RAN integration test

Raphael Defosseux requested to merge ci-flexric-integration-test into develop
  • Triggering a standalone FLEXRIC + 5G-RAN pipeline: OAI-FLEXRIC-RAN-Integration-Test
    • will be triggered by the RAN-Container-Parent
    • but also by the OAI-FLEXRIC pipeline (to be done once integrated)
  • Added an new python option: --FlexRicTag= than if not used, won't have any effect
  • Nice addition:
    • if --FlexRicTag=develop or --ranCommitID=develop --> will use the latest commit on either dev or develop branch.
  • Scenario-wise
    • Using the cn5g deployment file from Luis in documentation, at least we will use it to make sure it is working at all time
  • we can add more test and especially checkers on the flexric calls.

Example run: was run on both "develop" images for RAN and Flexric

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