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SIDELINK PSBCH: MAC->PHY cfg, Scheduler + supporting functions, enable system testing & scope.

Raghavendra Dinavahi requested to merge NR_PSBCH_MERGE3 into develop
  • Phy config update and Sidelink frame parameters initialisation
    • PSBCH scheduler to trigger TX PSBCH/RX PSBCH actions
    • Sidelink indication with rx ind to trigger send SL-MIB to MAC
    • Enable Scope for PSBCH use -d or --dqt
    • Enable system testing of PSBCH for example using RFSIMULATOR:
      • UE1 is a SYNCRONISATION SOURCE UE which transmits PSBCH

        started using command - sudo ./nr-uesoftmodem --sl-mode 2 --sync-ref 4 --rfsim --rfsimulator.serveraddr server

      • UE2 syncs onto UE1 during sidelink search, gets the timing and continues to receive PSBCH

        started using command - sudo ./nr-uesoftmodem --sl-mode 2 --rfsim --rfsimulator.serveraddr

      • In the default use case 2 Sidelink SSBs sent over 16 frames.

      • In case SL-SSB configuration needs to be changed use -O option in the above command like -O ../../../targets/PROJECTS/NR-SIDELINK/CONF/sidelink_preconfig_1txpool.conf

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