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Support of multiple QoS-enabled DRBs

Guido Casati requested to merge nr-multi-drb-qos into develop

This merge request introduces changes to handle multiple DRBs, each of them mapped to a different QoS flow.

  1. Adaptation work in SDAP to support multiple DRBs with different QoS Flows mapped to each of them.
  • Map SDAP SDUS with no QFI-to-DRB mapping to the default DRB
  • Keep mapping table stored unless I new configuration update is received
  • separated SDAP configuration procedures from SDAP entity creation.
  • Reworked SDAP Entity Creation
  1. Handling Multiple DRBs with Different QoS Flows
  • Assumption: Multiple DRBs, one QoS flow per DRB
  • Only one default DRB is allowed per SDAP entity
  • Setup of 1 GTP-U tunnel per PDU session on the N3 interface
  • Setup of 1 GTP-U F1-U tunnel per DRB
  • Mark Each GTP-U packet processed within the tunnel, belonging to a QoS flow mapped to a DRB, with the corresponding QFI.

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