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add initial NTN support for gNB

Thomas Schlichter requested to merge initial_gNB_NTN_support into develop

For the initial NTN support for gNB, this is modified:

  • add NTN specific parameter cellSpecificKoffset_r17 and use it for UL scheduling
  • change TA update interval to 100 frames instead of 10
  • fix phytest scheduler in case no HARQ processes are available
  • make checks for missed feedbacks more robust w.r.t. frame number warp-around in find_harq()
  • use 2 * K2 for contention_resolution_timer, as the timer starts with Msg2 transmission and ends with Msg4 ACK reception
  • add sr_ProhibitTimer_v1700
  • make SR timers configurable in CONF file
  • make ue_TimersAndConstants configurable via conf file

This is part of the work developed by Fraunhofer IIS within the ESA-funded project 5G-GOA (

Edited by Thomas Schlichter

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