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Draft: Dockerfiles to build OAI gNB using 7.2 FHI

Gabriele Gemmi requested to merge split7.2_docker into develop

Dockerfile to build dpdk/ofh_lib and then OAI gNB using the split. It has been tested with VVDN by running it with the following command:

sudo docker run \
	--network host \
	--privileged \
	-v /sys/bus/pci/drivers:/sys/bus/pci/drivers \
	-v /sys/kernel/mm/hugepages:/sys/kernel/mm/hugepages \
	-v /sys/devices/system/node:/sys/devices/system/node \
	-v /dev:/dev \
	-v /home/root/vvdn.oai.conf:/vvdn.oai.conf \
	oai7.2 cmake_targets/ran_build/build/nr-softmodem -O /vvdn.oai.conf --sa --thread-pool 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15

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