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chore(ci): new create workspace xml test class, ci_infra placeholder and aligning all test docker-compose files for image tagging.

Bipin Adhikari requested to merge ci-deploy-restructure into develop

ci_infra placeholder implementation. Now requires xml tag to say where the module will run. create_workspace xml class, to elemenate running create workspace on every deploy functin run. renaming image addresses 👇

  • all images shall be directly pullable:
  • --> for CN5G example: oaisoftwarealliance/oai-amf:v2.0.0
  •  all images to be tested shall be also pullable but have to use the develop tag
    • --> for example: oaisoftwarealliance/oai-gnb:develop
  • only develop tags will be modified by CI script to
  • --> oai-ci/image-name:ci-tag-to-use
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