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Parallel config

Tsu-Han Wang requested to merge parallel-config into develop

Referring to issue #349 (closed)

Adding parallel option into config file if the config file don't define anything it will set to default value which is parallel_config = "PARALLEL_RU_L1_TRX_SPLIT"; worker_config = "WORKER_ENABLE";

What is needed to add to config file is shown as followed

THREAD_STRUCT = ( { #three config for level of parallelism "PARALLEL_SINGLE_THREAD", "PARALLEL_RU_L1_SPLIT", or "PARALLEL_RU_L1_TRX_SPLIT" parallel_config = "PARALLEL_RU_L1_TRX_SPLIT"; #two option for worker "WORKER_DISABLE" or "WORKER_ENABLE" worker_config = "WORKER_ENABLE"; } );

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