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Release v1.1.0 Candidate

Raphael Defosseux requested to merge release_v1_1_0_candidate into master

Release 1.1.0 Candidate

  • Experimental support of LTE-M

    • Single LTE-M UE attachment, legacy-LTE UE attachment is disabled
  • X2 interface and handover (also X2-U interface)

    • In FDD and TDD
  • CU/DU split (F1 interface)

    • Tested only in FDD
  • CDRX

    • Tested only in FDD
  • Experimental eMBMS support (only on UE side)

  • Experimental multi-RRU support

    • Tested only in TDD
  • Simplification of the Build System

    • A single build includes all full-stack simulators, S1/noS1 modes and one HW platform (such as USRP, BladeRF, ...)
  • TUN interface is now used as default for the data plane

    • for UE, eNB-noS1 and UE-noS1
  • Code Cleanup

  • Better Static Code Analysis:

    • Limited number of errors in cppcheck
    • Important Decrease on high Impact errors in CoverityScan
  • Better Test Coverage in Continuous Integration:

    • TM2, CDRX, IF4.5, F1
    • OAI UE is tested in S1 and noS1 modes with USRP board
    • Multi-RRU TDD mode
    • X2 Handover in FDD mode

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