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Feature ltem pusch ce - 8 Repetitions

Mohamed Gamal AbdElKhalek requested to merge feature-LTEM-PUSCH-CE into develop


  • LTE-MTC eNB support for Mode A repetitions
  • Currently limited to 8 repetitions and can be extended to all Mode A repetitions after changes in MTC ULSCH scheduler to use all available subframes.

Steps to Test:

  • change pusch_maxNumRepetitionCEmodeA_r13 from r8,r16 and r32 to change Max number of repetitions (currently we support only r8)
  • change pusch_repetitionLevelCEmodeA_r13 for the actual number of repetitions (Values l1,l2,l3 and l4). According to 36.213 table 8.2b

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