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FeMBMS eNB / UE End-to-End chain

Dr.-Ing. Javier Morgade requested to merge fembms-enb-ue into develop

1- FeMBMS eNB Rel.14 procedures (new feature)

  • This enables an eNB for a dedicated 3GPP FeMBMS broadcast profile
  • Changes impact: PHY, MAC, RRC, RLC
  • MBSFN support is limited to 1.25KHz carrier spacing in line with the already available FeMBMS support at UE
  • The eNB Implements the FeMBMS Common Acquisition Subframe (CAS)/SIB1-MBMS: DLSCH-SI uses default SI-RNTI (0xffff).
  • SIB1-MBMS 0xfff9 SI-RNTI is possible by simply harcoding the RNTI (define) but current implementation requires some additional work to keep legacy with regular unicast/multicast profiles

2- Support for FeMBMS eNB/UE 10, 20 MHz BWs

  • Increased the buffer size in PHY_ofdm_mod to accommodate FeMBMS sizes ((this might impact CI!). New FFT sizes added (IDFT_12288, IDFT_24576) to enable support for FeMBMS 10MHz and 20MHz channels BWs -Channel estimation has been reorganized accordingly

3- FeMBMS/eMBMS MCH eNB/UE scheduler mechanisms reworked

  • BCH scheduler rearranged to allow dedicated serving cells (FeMBMS)
  • MCH scheduler completely re-worked to support for multiple FeMBMS/eMBMS MCH sessions
  • Scheduler readiness and performance have been also improved

4- Experimental MBMS COUNTING support / 3GPP TS 36.44 (*)

  • This impacts MAC, RRC
  • Current implementation is limited to a periodic MCCH_COUNTING request from eNB followed by a feedback report from UEs after first MCCH is received (*) The MBMS Counting function allows the MCE to request the eNB(s) to count and report per MBSFN area for one or more MBMS services the number of connected UEs receiving the MBMS Service or interested in receiving it. 5- New mbmssim PHY similator added (WIP)
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