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WIP: initial support for Docker/Podman/OpenShift

Raphael Defosseux requested to merge rh_ci_oc into develop

This merge request introduces initial support for docker/podman and OpenShift support on the RAN side.

For the moment, we are able to build:

  • plain docker under Ubuntu18 host
  • plain docker/podman under a RHEL8 host
  • using the build-config mechanism under OpenShift4.4

We were also able to deploy and test under Ubuntu18 host in plain docker:

  • Connect from an eNB container to a USB- USRP B210 board
  • Connect from an eNB container to a X300 USRP board

Initial benchmarking looks OK.

On a RHEL8 host with podman, we were not able to do the same. Still investigating.

There are still a lot to do:

  • Fully automate the CMD and entrypoint on target images
  • More bench-marking
  • Documentation

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