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    integration fix: let oaisim (S1) work again · ac7c0df5
    Cedric Roux authored
    - some cleanup
    - thread names to include UE Mod_id
    - arg of UE_thread_rxn_txnp4 to be struct rx_tx_thread_data again
    - sync in UE_thread_rxn_txnp4 to use instance_cnt_rxtx again
    - UE_thread to call itti_send_msg_to_task with UE->Mod_id + NB_eNB_INST
      instead of INSTANCE_DEFAULT again
    This may break the softmodem UE, to be tested.
    The most problematic thing may be the synchronization.
    I don't think it will impact the processing at all,
    but I won't bet my shirt on it.
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