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doc(release): remove section

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......@@ -251,16 +251,4 @@ $ sudo podman build --target oai-spgwu-tiny --tag oai-spgwu-tiny:latest \
The above command is with podman, in case of docker it can be changed with its docker equivalent.
# 7. Use pre-built docker images (Optional)
You can use pre-built docker images to avoid building from sratch.
# Pull all our official OAI CN5G images
docker pull rdefosseoai/oai-amf:latest
docker pull rdefosseoai/oai-smf:latest
docker pull rdefosseoai/oai-nrf:latest
docker pull rdefosseoai/oai-spgwu-tiny:latest
You are ready to [Configure the Containers](./ or deploying the images using [helm-charts] (./
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