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New SMF YAML configuration

Stefan Spettel requested to merge new_yaml_config2 into develop


Continuation of MR !189 (closed).

  • New YAML configuration file, valid for all NFs
  • Use configuration framework from common-src
  • Separate global configuration (e.g., register_nrf) from local config (e.g. enable_usage_reporting for one UPF)

I have kept the old interface to the smf_config for the other classes. I will refactor them to use the new configuration after this branch is merged and we moved all NFs to the YAML configuration.

Also, we still require DNS lookup on NF start of the configured NFs in case we use an FQDN.


Fixes Issue #20 (closed)


So far I tested the UL CL tutorial. I will adapt all tutorials in FED MR oai-cn5g-fed!110 (merged).

Then, we can re-trigger the pipeline with the updated tutorials.

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