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    bugfix: don't take into account report CQI in case of NACK or DTX · c0bcd786
    Cédric Roux authored
    The problem that may happen is that when the UE does not transmit
    on PUCCH (for whatever reason) we may get no signal at all, and
    thus compute a very low CQI. Later on we may ask the UE to transmit
    louder which may lead to saturation and more problems.
    The solution is simple: don't care about CQI in case of DTX
    (and NACK also, as done for PUSCH).
    Only FDD case done.
    For TDD it seems that:
    - nfapi structures are not correct. See nfapi_harq_indication_tdd_rel13_t
      in nfapi/open-nFAPI/nfapi/public_inc/nfapi_interface.h, all the cases
      (bundling, multiplex, ...) use nfapi_harq_indication_tdd_harq_data_t
    - the function extract_harq does not handle TDD