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Remi Hardy requested to merge integration_2021_wk44 into develop

MR !1233 (merged) : NR gNB MAC scheduler BWP start issue fix
MR !1232 (merged) : SR/BSR support for NR UE
MR !1239 (merged) : NR SDAP gNB - Transparent Mode
MR !1257 (merged) : Nr ldpc cuda softmodem
MR !1296 (merged) : Apply the NSA t_Reordering value also for SA
MR !1293 (merged) : hotfix SEGV and divide by 0
MR !1259 (merged) : gNB nrUE SA: improve security
MR !1260 (merged) : NR CSET0 BWP Start fixes
use Magma MME in CI tests
update NSA 2x2 test

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