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CI: Integration Branch 2023.w19

Raphael Defosseux requested to merge integration_2023_w19 into develop

List of Merge Requests as discussed during OAI dev meeting 2023/05/11.

  • !2059 (merged): Bugfix: to properly handle multiple NR_RLC_BearerConfig with the same logicalChannelIdentity, without having duplicate data in UE context
  • !2072 (merged): Clean-up of UE RRC structures
  • !2084 (merged): added msg-q threading options (and CPU thread pinning) from O-RAN 7.2 branch
  • !2098 (merged): harmonization of physicalCellGroupConfig
  • !2099 (merged): modification of get_samplerate_and_bw(): add break where needed
  • !2104 (merged): Fix segmentation fault in ue_context_setup_request()
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