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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 2022.42
    Integration branch 2022 week 42:
    MR !1726 removing pucch-ResourceCommon from dedicated BWP
    MR !1736 OAI UE Security Mode Complete bug
    MR !1739 NR UE - Capture PduSessionEstablishmentAccept message
    MR !1742 Remove EXMIMO
    MR !1754 Remove threads_t struct from the code
    MR !1758 Use pMAX value in configuration file, instead of hardcoded '23' in asn1_msg.c
    MR !1678 Update 5G NR SA tutorials
  • 2022.41
    Integration branch 2022 week 40:
    MR !1727 Reorganize physical simulators and cleanup
    MR !1716 Updated values for few parameters in asue config file
    MR !1735 NR feature set update
    MR !1560 RAN challenge: Timing Advance
    MR !1741 ulsim help update
    MR !1744 Speedup container build repo clone and other improvements
    MR !1747 Fix signed integer overflow in PSS search
    MR !1749 hotfix for thread-pool.c
    MR !1743 CI AW2S: build images
    MR !1717 Entrypoint updated for deployment on cluster
  • 2022.w40
    Integration branch 2022 week 40:
    MR !1597 Multiple DRB Support
    MR !1607 SRS feedback for 1 layer
    MR !1644 Add Positioning Reference Signal (PRS) to gNB and nrUE
    MR !1665 CI fix for UE ID
    MR !1700 fix for DCI bundle size in NR gNB
    MR !1701 Change LDPC decoder rate based on round/rv
    MR !1712 Ue remove PUCCH global vars
    MR !1713 NR improvements for SIB1 detection and RA procedures
    MR !1728 Ue remove thread id
    MR !1732 CI september cleanup
    MR !1737 Changed gnu99 to gnu11 flag
    MR !1636 SIMDE
  • 2022.w39
    Integration branch 2022 week 39
    MR !1653 NR removing semi_static structures
    MR !1690 Fix PDCCH when BWPStart is higher than 0
    MR !1706 AMF and NGU mode config cleanup
    MR !1721 Moving targets/ARCH to sdr/
    MR !1724 Updated README for l2-sim, rf-sim
    MR !1725 min_rxtxtime=6 added to docs when building the RFSimulator UE
    MR !1729 fix(doc): healthchecks are now embedded in CN5G images
  • 2022.w38
    Integration branch 2022 week 38:
    MR !1491 E1ap implementation skeletons
    MR !1650 added multiple thread support for ECPRI/IF5 interface.and changed old pthread_cond_XXX mechanisms for RU to use thread-pool. New paramters in RU section to control thread CPU pinning and threadpool size.
    MR !1675 NR_UE fixes for odd number of PRBs
    MR !1694 Fix ulprbbl based on SRS
    MR !1697 chore(ci): putting the Legacy LTE CI bench in order
    MR !1703 SSB subcarrier offset from command line at UE
    MR !1709 fix encoding error in mbms by regrouping the missing barrier at a single level
    MR !1711 Increase log buffer: handle large log messages
    MR !1715 Correct set gNB_ID, gNB_CU_ID does not exist
  • 2022.w37b
    Integration branch 2022 week 37b:
    MR !1695 fix bug added in MR1609 improve-nr_ul_channel_estimation branch
    MR !1704 remove target/SCRIPTS
    MR !1708 Repair cluster-build pipeline
  • 2022.w37
    Integration branch 2022 week 37:
    MR !1618 update NR MAC/RLC/PDCP stats
    MR !1639 NR handling of PHR (preliminary version)
    MR !1676 make 5 MHz BW work in SA mode with OAI UE
    MR !1687 quick fix for
    MR !1688 fix bug gtp-u len and robustify the gtp-u receiver
    MR !1691 Fix power calculation based on CSI-RS
    MR !1692 nr rlc: fix in process_control_pdu()
    MR !1693 Fix to support subscribing event from another thread
    MR !1681 Build RHEL8 images on Openshift Cluster
    MR !1595 Sanitize NSSAI configuration in the gNB conf file
  • 2022.w36
    Integration 2022 week 36
    MR !785 Add .clang-format file
    MR !1487 LDPC offload on T1 card
    MR !1677 NR LBRM for UL
    MR !1683 Schedule ULSCH in flexible slots in InitialBWP
    MR !1674 Optimize nr_rotation
    MR !1685 Fix AssertFatal in Msg3
    MR !1684 Implementation of a RA timer to remove UE in the case of Msg4 not be decoded by the UE
    MR !1669 Fixes when there is no spCellConfig configured
    MR !1648 simplify thread pool configuration
    MR !1609 improve-nr_ul_channel_estimation
  • 2022.w35
    Integration branch 2022 week 35:
    MR !1571 PHY procedures for SRS MIMO
    MR !1666 gzip optim, links for size
    MR !1668 Update core images to latest develop for CI
    MR !1670 Fix initial_cyclic_shift for pucch-ConfigCommon
    MR !1671 Fix unaligned channel processing with odd number of rb
    MR !1672 Enable 2 Downlink layers MIMO and other minor improvements in default configuration files
    MR !1680 Fix buffer overflow and division by 0 for SRS
  • 2022.w33
    Integration branch 2022 week 33:
    MR !1604 RRC harmonization of multiple BWPs configuration
    MR !1657 NR fixes for 100MHz and 2 layers
    MR !1646 Add 4G L2simulator test
    MR !1662 fix a bug: multi ues in rfsimulator 4G
    MR !1559 NR UE multi SSB meas
    changes to disable legacy 4G F1 test
    MR !1661 fix bugs in config module and config usage
    MR !1562 Correctly handle SIGINT/stop signal in nr-softmodem
    MR !1659 Fix segFault in SRS for odd number of PRBs
  • 2022.w32
    Integration branch 2022 week 32:
    MR !1551 Use F1 internally: RRC Message Transfer
    MR !1645 fix(ci): Fixes for the legacy LTE bench
    MR !1654 Fix for NDI init at UE
    MR !1656 ngap: minor fix: access the array correctly
    MR !1635 Fix SDAP in RFSIM mode
    MR !1643 add asn1c logs
    MR !1647 Function to get sample rate and BW
  • 2022.w31b
    Integration branch 2022 wk 31 number 2:
    MR !1624 NR PUCCH2 fix
    MR !1627 fix for pusch dtx in phytest mode
    MR !1634 Minor optimization in function init_symbol_rotation
    MR !1637 gtp: small fix: set E if there is an extension header
    MR !1641 Resolve AMF ip address using FQDN
    delete files rxsigF0.m, txsig0.m, ldpctest_BG_1_Zc_384_rate_1-3_block_length_8448_maxit_5.txt
    MR !1593 Reworking of BWP handling at MAC (initial MR)
    MR !1652 fix for 3-digit MNC in asn1_msg.c
  • 2022.w31
    Integration branch 2022 wk 31:
    MR !1594 Schedule BWP switching to the first active BWP when RA with Msg3 carrying DCCH or DTCH message
    MR !1628 Fix a segmentation fault when there is no spCellConfigDedicated with maxMIMO_Layers parameter
    MR !1528 CSI Feedback
    MR !1631 Fix floating point for SRS
    MR !1632 gtp pgu session header
    MR !1633 Improve SIB1 length to support maximum value specified in 3GPP TS 38.331 section 5.2.1
    MR !1463 Support arbitrary number of retransmissions (up to 8)
  • 2022.w30
    Integration branch 2022 wk 30:
    MR !1616 NR SA tutorials v2
    MR !1620 nr_pdcp: nia1 implementation
    MR !1622 CI: do not trigger tests if nothing is tagged NSA
    MR !1623 Fix for ssb subcarrier offset in case of f<3GHz
    MR !1606 code maintenance
    MR !1568 Add undefined behavior sanitizer in build_oai, fix some errors
    MR !1587 Dynamically build L2sim proxy
  • 2022.w29
    Integration branch 2022 wk 29:
    MR !1552: SRS Measurements
    MR !1601: Updates in TESTBench documentation
    MR !1611: Rename variable from phy_procedures_errors to pusch_DTX
    MR !1612: NR SSB fix
    MR !1617: Correctly initialize protocol_ctxt in F1 code
  • 2022.w26
    Integration branch 2022 week 26:
    MR !1602 Use (std) bool instead of custom bool types
    MR !1600 Discard RTX if RI changed
    MR !1598 Set correct master clock rate for N320
    MR !1584 enablement of statistics
    MR !1603 Fix decoding multiple ULSCH in the same slot in the case of a ULSCH fails to be detected
    MR !1590 Improvements and AVX2 in cpx_rotate_vector()
  • 2022.w25
    Integration branch 2022 week 25:
    MR !1549: Remove ssb subcarrier offset from config file
    MR !1589: Putting all CM code in one file
    MR !1592: Support Fedora 36
    MR !1492: Harmonization of PUCCH Resources
    MR !1581: F1: Interoperability with Accelleran CU
    MR !1599: nr rlc: minor: update tests
  • 2022.w24b
    Integration 2022 week 24 number two:
    MR !1382: Semi-automatic code generator for LDPC decoder for AVX2 and AVX512
    MR !1521: 5G NR performance improvements for low SNR conditions
    MR !1579: pthread_create, RT scheduler, and address sanitizer are incompatible in Ubuntu 18.04
    MR !1588: small fix in csi configuration
    MR !1583: Encoding/decoding CellGroup at MAC and fix RA with Msg3 carrying DCCH or DTCH messages
  • 2022.w24
    Integration 2022 week 24:
    - MR !1558: Add 5G SA end-to-end, step-by-step, tutorials for OAI CN5G, OAI gNB and COTS UE
    - MR !1578: Adding required LOG_As for EpiSci CI testing. (Proxy)
    - MR !1575: Fix msg3 retransmissions with OAI UE
    - MR !1577: Fix ULSCH timing measurements in RAN-gNB-nrUE-MONO-TDD-Band78-N300 and logging improvements
    - MR !1544: NR CORESET harmonization
    - MR !1287: PUSCH performance improvement
    - MR !1580: Aligning some internal memory to avoid segfaults
  • 2022.w23
    Integration 2022 week 23:
    MR !1501 fixes to support multiple pdu sessions (tested with 2 pdu sessions)
    MR !1566 issue 545
    MR !1569 bugfix in fill_searchSpaceZero
    MR !1574 Repair LTE-M: Add missing parameter preambleTransMax_CE_rel13
    MR !1496 PHY procedures at UE for CSI-RS
    Increase LTE-2x2 ping thresholds to 60 ms to make tests pass (throughput seems to be fine)